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Ciao Chow Translations

The Ciao Chow Team:

Clarence Duke (left), CFO

Anita van Adelsbergen MA MCIL CL (right), CEO, Chartered Linguist and executive producer

Ciao Chow !

What’s in a name ? The name is a combination of Ciao Ciao - an Italian greeting and Chow Chow- the breed that the new owner of this company belongs to. Incidentally, both words are pronounced in the same way. In life as well as in business, Ciao Chow follows the chow chow's character: professional, honest and loyal. However, treat them without respect and they will show you some too! Treat them right and you will have the most loyal companion you could ever ask for! 

Anita van Adelsbergen MA started her international career in 1993, while still studying towards her MA degree in English and Italian. She is an experienced radio and tv professional, having worked as voice over, sports commentator, presenter and producer. She is also an experienced (conference) interpreter and is available for language classes. Through several casting agencies she has been recruited for international language acting parts. Anita is native speaker in Dutch, English and German and near- native in Italian and French. On top of that, she has a decent command of Spanish, Portuguese, Welsh and Danish. Because of her Dutch-Pakistani roots, even Urdu sounds familiar. It goes without saying we are passionate about languages…this passion will be contagious once you meet us ! 

As we are also passionate about horses and dogs, canine,-and equestrian translations is our unique specialisation. For more information on our work with dogs and horses, please visit: (Dutch only)

Want to know about how we combined our passion for languages, horses and dogs ? Read our article in the renowned journal of the Chartered Institute of Linguists!

Ciao Chow ! is a fully dedicated linguistic, - and voice agency.

What can we do for you ?

- Interpreting in Dutch, English, German and Italian ( French on request ) Topics: equine, canine, medical, veterinary, legal a.o. 

- Translations in Dutch, English, German and Italian ( French on request )  Topics: equine, canine, medical, veterinary, legal a.o

- (Voice) actor / Voice over in Dutch, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish

- Presenter / journalist for television, radio, seminars, events

- Language training for individuals, companies and professionals in the creative industry (e.g. singers and actors)

- International recruitment assistance / application procedures

- International conference assistance / trade fairs interpreter….

and all other voice and language related duties…

Ciao Chow has already worked with and for many renowned companies a.o. :

BBC Worldwide, Sport 1, NOS Studio Sport, Omroep Gelderland, NBC Super Channel, Hebbes Casting Agency, Multivoice, Arsenal Football Club, Chow Chow Vereniging Holland, Concorde Translations and many more.

Ciao Chow is member of the Dutch Association of Translators and Interpreters, the American Translators Association and Full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. She is also registered as official UK Chartered Linguist.

Please contact us for any questions you might have : [email protected] !

For urgent requests please call +31 (0) 6 51287976